Are Barnett Crossbows Better Than Excalibur Crossbows?

barnett predatorThere is no doubt that Barnett Crossbows is the world’s number one manufacturer of crossbows. Thanks to break-through innovations, combined with numerous pioneering patents seemingly year after year. many believe that Barnett builds a crossbow faster, better stronger, and more cost effective than their competition.

It is exactly because they are the long established crossbow brand leader the reputation is more established. That does not mean that they are necessarily better.

Selecting Crossbows

Selecting a crossbow is just like selecting any other consumer product. What features are most important to you? Then you always have to consider what price range do you need to look at. Your personal taste and the size of your pocketbook play a vitally important role.

Excalibur crossbowThis is a website about the Excalibur crossbow, so let us compare the two. Any Barnett crossbow will be a good bow. They are not that expensive either. It’s kind of like selecting an automobile for example. Ford has probably been around this country the longest, and they certainly are very good at what they do , but some people just want a new Dodge charger, or an Acura, right? It also depends upon what model that you choose, and there are many models to choose from just as in automobiles.

In some ways the Excalibur crossbows and the Barnett crossbows are very similar. In general Barnett crossbows will cost you less money, but they have some models that are just as expensive as Excalibur crossbows. Yes Excalibur is generally more expensive, that is because it’s the closest thing to handmade, available in a crossbow.

The Best Place To Get Advice

If you went into a sporting goods store like Cabella’s, they probably would be able to tell you all about the important characteristics, and differences between all of the premium crossbow manufacturers. But surely that is some serious information overload and higher prices than you will find here. One important factor also is that we all have some limitations because of our age, our height, or our personal physical condition. In addition one’s height will drastically effect our ability to stack foot/lbs. using a crossbow. So you may need more help than I can give you in a simple article.

We know that the ancient art of Archery will allow you to use the bow and arrow to a great effect. But now crossbows are starting to prove that they are superior. With any of the premium crossbow brands you will have a good selection of fine bows that you cannot go wrong with if you carefully read the material about a particular crossbow model. More detailed information about choosing a bow is always available on the manufacturers website.

The crossbow , along with the compound bow, and the English longbow, made the arrow a formidable battlefield weapon of choice. However, other things being equal, the modern crossbow will shoot a faster arrow more accurately than the longbow ever will be able to do. This is why crossbows are revolutionizing hunting.

How to Buy a Hunting Crossbow

Hunting CrossbowBuying your very first hunting crossbow can be very overwhelming. You’ll be overwhelmed with all the choices and all the features. A lot of people make the mistake of buying the first crossbow that they fancy. They find out the hard way that this is not the way to go as they experience any of these things:

  • They end up buying a crossbow that’s better for sport or training.
  • They end up with one that’s supposed to be for experts and not beginners.
  • They buy one that’s not worthy of its price tag.
  • There are a lot of other bad things that can happen if you’re not careful so this is something that you should avoid.

Step by Step Guide on Buying a Hunting Crossbow

Follow this guide to make sure that you’ll buy a hunting crossbow that you can use to succeed out there in the field:

  1. Find out about the laws regarding owning and using one in the city where you’re located. Manufacturers have a list of zip codes where they won’t ship, so find out about this beforehand. Also, you may want to find out if owning and using one requires a license. Find out how to get one.
  2. Learn about the basics of this hunting tool. Basically, this is a weapon that uses bolts. The bow is drawn by a mechanism and the bolt is mounted on this. By pressing on the trigger, the bow is released, propelling the bolt forwards. Learn about the parts, speed and draw weight of the crossbow to start. You should also know the two general types – the recurve and the compound.
  3. Do research on the top brands namely TenPoint, Barnett, Excalibur and more. This is to avoid being overwhelmed with all the choices.
  4. Do research on the models that you fancy. Check out their features to ensure that they’re built for hunting. They should be light, fast, reliable and accurate. Good maneuverability is also a must.
  5. Check out which are the best crossbows for sale. Manufacturers will have nothing but amazing words to say about their products. Checking out reviews written by real consumers will let you know what to expect about these products.
  6. Establish your budget. While you can find good crossbows below $500, it’s a good idea to spend more if you can. This is especially true if you’re going to buy from a trusted company. But if budget is really tight, just make sure that you check the features and the reviews.
  7. Buy the perfect one for you. You can buy one from any store specializing on the outdoors, but your options will be limited and it will be more expensive. It’s better to just buy online for better choices and cheaper prices.

Follow these Steps and Get Your very First Hunting Crossbow

Obviously, it’s a multi-step process. It’s worth it, though, as you’ll end up with a very reliable hunting crossbow in the end. Once you’ve received it in the mail, make sure that you put in enough practice! After all, it will still be up to you on how successful you’re going to be as a hunter!

The PSE Archery Record

PSE ArcheryAnother name that is setting records in archery is Precision Shooting Equipment or better known as PSE Archery. It is the largest archery equipment manufacturer in the United States, which is privately owned and headed by a man with such devotion in designing and producing the most advanced bows and other archery equipment in the industry. Pete Shepley used to just come up with experimental ideas for bow release aids and other features until he perfected his first compound bow in the 1970’s. By premiering it in a tournament and with the help of word of mouth, PSE Archery became another history in the making.

The First in PSE Archery

PSE Archery was among the pioneers of machined bow risers and solid aluminum accessories. They created a complete product line of strong yet lightweight bows. They have amazing Ready to Shoot and Field Ready bows which have Left Hand and Right Hand model options, and also belong to the PSE mainline category. These are loaded, readily installed with accessories, tested and tuned using the most advanced technologies, and ready to go. They have Pro Series bows equipped with the best bowstrings, and notably hunter-friendly. PSE Archery got bowfishing covered with their Barracuda Combo and Hammerhead, in addition to longbows made of exotic wood or bamboo with fiber glass, the hottest hunting crossbows in the woods and a series of recurves for champion shooters.

Sights, sight accessories, bow quivers, arrow rests and grips are also being covered by PSE Archery. They even manufacture Youth bows, a good choice for introducing kids to the passionate world of archery and for adults who are starting to discover the art. Their take down recurves and high-end compounds are recommended in archery camps and youth programs as well. These bows are of reasonable value, high performance, and adjustable, yielding the best chance of a perfect first shot experience.

PSE is about experience and performance. It is the only bow company which has the most world record awards. People who use PSE Archery bows and other related equipment gain the greatest experiences in hunting because it is fast, smooth and accurate. That is why PSE shooters often brag about it, not only its makers. What PSE Archery takes pride of is being the industry’s trusted and leading manufacturer holding 20 patents for designs and other equipment. They let their products speak for themselves – products of expensive and thorough research and development, and record-setting performance.